The Destiny Decoded

Unveiling The Three(3) Essential MUST READS For Humanity’s Epic Journey.

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My Open Letter

My open destiny letter to all youths, graduates, parents & guardians, governments, teachers, school administrators, youth coordinators and leaders.

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Who I Am

A destiny therapist, gifted author, visionary leader and strategic thinker with over 15 years experience in impacting the core values of leadership, creativity, continual self development and inspiring others.

I have had the privilege of mentoring a sizable number of students over the years with a visionary dream to bring out the best in individuals towards fulfilling their life-long destiny.

Emmanuel Richeswisdom,
Destiny Therapist, Gifted Author, Visionary Leader and Strategic Thinker.

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From the Author

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What Readers Are Saying

Here’s what other have to say about us.

Mr.Emmanuel’s Midas touch style of training and impacting is practically unparalleled.

Tolu Adesina

Happy Client

I have practically become an amazement & a wonder to my friends, colleagues, teachers, family, relatives and parents.

Simisola Odufale

Happy Client

To this end, I wholeheartedly say thank you and recommend Mr. Emmanuel Richeswisdom’s super e-books for every student, youth and career professional.

Dolapo Farounbi

Happy Client

If there were to be an award for overall best teacher in the world, I would vote vote & vote again for it to be awarded to Mr. Emmanuel.

Bisola Oloyede

Happy Client


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